After 5 years of following lessons in sculpture at the Academy of Arendonk in Belgium, I started experimenting in lighter materials.
This resulted in my first ‘fibre-knitwear-objects’.
From this knitwear, which mostly consisted of residual and waste materials, new forms and structures were created. These works were never compelling or restricted to a particular area.
It’s always a source of joy and inspiration to be able to search for and experiment with the right form and structure, wether indoors or out, surrounded by nature. 
Capturing all this (of: all these elements), photography started to play a (mayor) part.

Two dimensional lines and structures keep fascinating me.
This combination of knitting, photography and drawing has finally resulted in photo’s which I treat with different materials such as acrylic, charcoal, pencil, ink etc.  
Also here the so called ‘drawing’ grows as one goes along, not directly having a goal in mind. Slowly evolving into a spiritual and ‘dreamy’ world.